Mehner CPAs has a breadth of knowledge and experience in the valuation of privately-held companies and related business assets in a myriad of industries and business segments including: manufacturing, wholesale distribution, retail, service, professional service, technology, entertainment, healthcare, financial services, restaurants, publishing, recreation and real estate.  We are highly skilled in the areas of industry and market research and maintain a substantial library and database from which we draw upon in the preparation of valuation reports.


  •  Closely-held Businesses, Corporations and Partnerships
  •  Minority Interests
  •  Professional Practices
  •  ESOPs and Pension Plans
  •  Buy/Sell Agreements
  •  Mergers and Acquisitions
  •  Liquidations and Dissolutions
  •  Estates, Gifts and Trusts



Expert Witness Testimony


Mehner CPAs has a history of providing quality, defensible opinions.  Members of our team have qualified as expert witnesses within the Southern California County courts.  We continue to enjoy an outstanding success record of expert witness testimony with our clients.





Mehner CPAs offers vast experience in the following Family Law areas:


  •  Divorce Proceedings
  •  Community and Separate Property disputes
  •  Tax Planning
  •  Alimony and Child Support
  •  Property Division
  •  Issues related to Income Available for Support (aka Cash Flow)



Business Litigation


Mehner CPAs can assist attorneys in structuring technical and financial arguments.  We offer our expertise in understanding the material issues in complex business transactions.


Mehner CPAs also has experience with Loss/Damages Determination cases such as:


  •  Business Interruption
  •  Lost Earnings/Profit/Value
  •  Breach of Contract
  •  Misrepresentation
  •  Fraud



Forensic Tax and Accounting Analysis


  •  Contract costs and claims
  •  Tracing and verification
  •  Historical analysis
  •  Forensic and investigative review



Continuing Education


At Mehner CPAs, in order to ensure excellent client service, we emphasize continued professional development and advancement of our staff.  We are available to conduct seminars for professional legal associations, law firms and public agencies.





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