What is Forensic Accounting?


Forensic accounting utilizes accounting, auditing, and investigative skills to conduct an examination into a company or an individual’s, financial portfolio; thus, providing an accounting analysis that is suitable for court.  Forensic accountants are required to not only have a vast knowledge of accounting, but also the ability to understand the current laws regarding the issue at hand and the legal system in general.



Why You Would Need a Forensic Accountant?


Forensic accountants provide a range of services to individuals or businesses that need to value and/or divide their assets; determining what is deemed Community or Separate Property. This specialized line of accounting can assist in identifying financial transactions previously disclosed or having yet to be discovered.  A forensic accountant can provide information regarding the various tax implications and advise on the best method of filing taxes. When involved in dissolution of marriage, your forensic accountant will be able to determine true Income Available for Support for either party. Often times it is best to get a forensic accountant involved early on as they can dispel unrealistic expectations and provide a framework for moving your financial life forward.



Why Mehner Certified Public Accountants?


It is common for counties to rely on a few, local forensic accountants, particularly in cases of dissolution of marriage. This is because these accountants have a good reputation with the Court and local judges.  Such is the case with Mehner Certified Public Accountants. When you partner with Mehner CPAs, you can be assured of a partner with outstanding qualifications, reputation and relationships to guide you through your financial journey.


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